A Lean Business = Productivity = Profits!
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Lean Process Mapping Can Help You ...

Save Time and Money, Eliminate Waste and Reduce Costs, Eliminate Chaos and Improve Employee Morale, Optimize Resources, and Increase Production and Profits.

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Reduce Costs/Increase Profits

Complicated and cumbersome business processes can cost your business thousands, if not millions in wasted resources and capital even before you can see a profit. Creating lean processes eliminates waste and saves money and time.

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Eliminate Chaos

Process Mapping provides a 360 degree view of business processes for all teams. Having a cross-functional view of a process promotes effective communication from a team perspective rather than individuals operating in a vacuum. Get everyone on the same page.

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Streamline Operations

Improve business operations by capturing a snapshot of your current state, identify specific failure points, and create a game plan for improvement. You will also be able to decide whether or not improvement or innovation is required to fix problems.

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Train/Educate Staff

Cross-functional process maps clarify roles and responsibilities as well as timing of handoffs and transfers of information. Process maps are an excellent way to educate teams and encourage consistency with execution of processes.

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Excellent Course! Just the right amount of content - relevant exercises and definitely will recommend this course to my colleagues!

(G. Camper)

'The Process Mapping Workshop' was great for someone with a little background in processes.

(D. Cassena)

You were great! Very friendly, accessible and knowledgeable.

(Justine S.)

Good overview! Got a good sense of the general ideas behind process mapping and business improvement.

(Matt K.)

I feel confident that I can map our business processes and find ways to improve processes using the Lean tools. Thanks! Great class.

(Rick G.)

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Case Studies

Learn How Process Mapping Has Helped Teams

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Company Merger

Two large pharmaceutical companies had a strategic plan to merge their global research and development laboratories to support a consolidated and streamlined R&D process. Mapping the current state processes and capturing an inventory of best-in-class scientific capabilities for each site and company revealed which laboratories could support the new strategic plan for the newly formed company. The mapping exercise also linked FTEs (staff) to R&D activities to determine staffing needs.

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Global Media Conglomerate

Mapped cross-functional processes for several production teams involved in the development for ad campaigns. Highlighting waste, metrics and costs associated with “pain points” in the process enabled the team to eliminate redundant tasks, manual processes, and consolidate systems to reduce ad production by 30%. Streamlining the process increased opportunity to produce ~ 100 additional advertising campaigns per year with a potential for $500K + in revenue enhancement.

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Regulatory Audits – SOPs

Held several mapping sessions to document regulatory processes. These sessions gathered cross-functional teams to identify roles & responsibilities for various regulatory procedures to support guidelines established by the FDA. Plan of action details, tasks and systems were documented and maps were eventually transformed into Standard Operating Procedures that were used for FDA and other agency audits.

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