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MyLeanBusiness helps companies create and sustain lean, successful and profitable businesses through the use of process mapping, a business method used to visualize and streamline business operations. Process Mapping is a simple, yet effective tool that helps companies, non-profits and growing businesses streamline business operations to maximize profits.  We use Lean principles and tools to help target specific areas for improvement enhancing the effectiveness of Process Maps.

The founder and president, Chelsea Gaillard, has worked successfully for Fortune 100 companies for over 16 years and is passionate about leveraging business process improvement methodologies to support business and financial objectives.  Certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt she has saved over $17 million leading enterprise-wide initiatives.  MyLeanBusiness and associates hold Lean Six Sigma certifications and possess over 25 years’ experience with operations in the service and manufacturing industries.

We offer training and consultation to help companies plan business operations and find ways to save time and money, eliminate waste, reduce costs, increase production and maximize profits.

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